Vision 360 Multitrack Diplomacy

Coaching and training for you to become the Ambassador of your cause.

Although we may not fully realize it yet, there is a before and an after  COVID-19 pandemic situation. In the way we do things, in the way we work, in the way technology has developed and platforms multiplied. 

Leadership should be no exception to these changes.

This represents an extraordinary new challenge of inclusion and democratization of the tools that allow one to bring changes in leadership at all levels, from personal life to places as complex as the United Nations.

That’s what this is all about. It’s about putting in your hands the power to change things.

Our 360º vision is rooted on a comprehensive approach based in the use of formal and informal diplomacy, lobbying and activism at different international organisations. Having worked in different roles allows us to tackle cases through multiple tracks.

 We have a renowned team of experts with an extensive experience walking the hallways at the UN. They have led successful negotiations, promoted initiatives that have had a deep impact in their causes, and taught on these subjects.

 Now, they are ready to share their experiences and give you the tools you need to take the opportunity to make the change as you want it to happen.


Coaching to walk the halls of an International Organisation Learning their language to be an effective advocate.

Training courses:

Acquire the necessary skills to venture into international negotiations or activism.