About us

Flexible, effective and efficient teams

Vision 360 is the boutique consulting agency designed to help leading policymakers, diplomats, activists and professionals understand, anticipate and develop the skills needed to persuade their counterparts in a multilateral environment. We have independent experts and an exclusive methodology resulting from years of experience in different areas of work at the United Nations and other international positions. We build flexible, efficient and effective teams that seek to understand the perspectives of clients and other stakeholders in order to better meet their needs.


In a post-COVID global environment and making use of training and coaching techniques, Vision 360 was born to help, enable and empower with better ideas, professionals interested in reaching the heart of the United Nations and other International Organizations in order to achieve their goals.


Vision 360 defends the diversity of people, accepting their thoughts and experiences. We believe that all subject areas can be addressed with a set of training tools and know-how that will in return help democratize inclusive access to International Organizations with rigour and accountability.


Vision 360 is inspired by the fourth of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 –SDG 2030–: “ Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. ” We believe in solidarity, freedom, universal human rights and the promotion of democratic values in a globalized world.