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Today we  start with what we have close to heart –International Relations and Vision 360 Multitrack Diplomacy 

The dynamism of international relations in our time appears to intensify continuously. Every couple of years we seem to be in a new era and conditions in multilateral relations change unexpectedly, sometimes in a matter of days, or even hours. The paradigms that are known and familiar to us are no longer valid, and in many cases fall into obsolescence and do not allow us to understand the phenomena we are experiencing.

The COVID-19 pandemic and all the disruptions it caused worldwide forced us to adopt a totally new way of life, to which the global population had to adapt immediately. We still do not know what consequences this will have in the coming months and years, especially concerning the way we live, work and move around. An absolutely unprecedented situation for all mankind.

Just when we thought that the pandemic was receding and we were beginning to recover our normality, the Russian invasion of Ukraine takes us back to the almost forgotten cruelty of a war in the middle of Europe, thus posing new challenges and threats for diplomacy, especially at the multilateral level.

How do these changing dynamics affect your area of work? 

What tools do we have to face these new challenges coming at us with an accelerating dynamism?

How can I effectively understand and analyze the events that seem to be more challenging every day?

How do these circumstances affect the work of diplomatic representation vis-à-vis another State or International Organisation? How does it affect their relationship with civil society or the corporate world?

What should I do to attract the attention of international organizations to my cause?

These and many other questions are the challenges that diplomacy faces today; we need to continue the search for effective solutions that allow us to achieve the planned objectives and obtain the support required to move forward in obtaining satisfactory results for those we represent.

At Vision 360 Multitrack Diplomacy, we aim to offer effective and reliable solutions from the highest levels of knowledge and experience to achieve successful results and reach your goals.


Your Vision 360 Multitrack Diplomacy Team

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