Training courses

Acquire the necessary skills to venture into international negotiations or activism.

Through these courses, you can shorten the learning curve or obtain the necessary skills to enter negotiation or activism without waiting to discover what works best for you through years of field experience.


Nothing of what you will find here is taught in university, because whilst there we learn the conceptual foundations of international negotiations, diplomacy or international organizations, the idea here is to put at your disposal more than twenty years of experience in lobbying, activism and diplomacy in a practical way.

Any effective negotiation begins by defining a plan that includes objectives, substance, layout and recipient. In the world of international organizations, where the presentation of the topic to be discussed is going to be seen through the lens of 190 different cultures and interests, it becomes even more crucial to manage these elements with the appropriate and proper structure.

The courses we offer will allow you to address questions like:

Why is my topic important?

How do I present my problem in a way that it is clearly understood?

What activities should I include to achieve that goal?

If this motivates you and want to know more, feel free to contact us.


We can start from pre-established courses, or design courses that are specifically adapted to your institution or your own needs.

They are a combination of theoretical context and practical application in the field. They will provide you with a methodology, we will share our experience so that the learning curve is reduced and you have results in the short term. We will take you by the hand on issues such as protocol, advocacy, communications, events, negotiation practice. 

At all times you will have the possibility to clarify doubts with one of us through the chat that we have created for it.