This is our Team:

María Alejandra Aristeguieta

President and Founder of Vision 360. She is an Internationalist and an expert in advocacy. She worked as a diplomat –where she was designated Ambassador– as a lobbyist and also as a human rights defender. Today he wants to transmit her know-how as a legacy to the new generations. 

María Jesús Díaz

She is a chemical engineer and an expert in the world of international writing. Former official of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Nobel Peace Prize winner and part of the United Nations system.

Alberto Aristeguieta

He is a business administrator and expert in international events. From an online conversation to an International Fair. 





María Enriqueta Álvarez

She is an Internationalist and an expert in Protocol, a key tool when it comes to conquering goals.


Ezequiel Podjarny

He is an internationalist and expert in Human Rights and above all passionate about research.



She is a political scientist,  expert in international relations and lecturer. 



Marcela Szymanski

She is a communicator and expert in international strategic communication. She was a CNN reporter, diplomat and lobbyist.